Understanding the mobile shopper’s mindset

May 22, 2014
Shopping mobile

The evidence of mobile adoption is everywhere and to some retailers seems a threat. However, it may be that mobile use may actually drive customers to the store.

Seeing that a customer is roaming around the store without purchasing anything can be frustrating to most store managers.  Often these customers will be using their phones to search and compare pricing or perhaps just chatting and messaging friends.   However, mobile use is not always a threat to the store offer. Sometimes the customer is simply at the point of decision and needs a little positive encouragement.  Equipping your store personnel with mobile devices can provide knowledge exchange to influence that decision and enable interaction with the customer in front of the shelf and the product.

With practice and encouragement, your store staff will embrace understanding how to better service customers.  This self learning seems logical, and is a common way that young people build knowledge these days – by search and experience.

Mobile devices are a cost-effective and friendly tool that can help you save training costs, encourage and empower staff and create a better experience for your customers. Customers want want better customer service, more convenience and ‘to buy it now’ when on their shopping journey.  For most shoppers, retailing is a fun and rewarding experience, and store staff being able to provide a better store experience using mobile technology, will make this even more rewarding.