Speed of Change in Retail Customer Engagement

Jun 19, 2014

In the Harvard Business Review blog “How to Thrive in Social Media’s Gift Economy” – there is discussion on the influence of social media on retailing. One trend is for people to seek out online and social media links to build their confidence and knowledge of new products and services.

Content today is personal.  In today’s world, people will seek and find relevant information to their individual needs and often find this from friends, groups and social links. Tying this desire, and often demand, into your Customer Engagement strategy requires companies to want to try new techniques to get positive responses.  As this journey is ongoing, the right path to deploying customer facing applications requires ‘holistic’ planning. The path to success is to combine the various channels involved (omni-channel was the old expression) to the view and perspective of your customer’s view consistently and with integrity.

We would add that social media has a definite purpose as people are using likes, votes and recommendation in making the purchase decisions. Social connections will grow in importance as an influencing factor in customer decision making.

To read the Harvard Business Review blog click here