Retail Innovation – 3 examples

Sep 5, 2013


Mobile Enabled Pop Up Shops

We love seeing new experiments on how to engage and satisfy customer interest.  People like to shop and experience retail.  Customers are curious and seek to learn and respond to novelty.

The Retail Touch Point web site is a good source for new ideas.

This article outlines why Pop Up stores make commercial sense and how new forms of customer engagement can inspire customers to spend.

Mobile POS enables Pop-Up stores where there is possibly no power and no network connections.  Mobile POS with mobile Payments running from standard smart phones allows retailers to set up Pop Up stores simply without the need for space, power and networking connections for traditional Point of Sale.

Electronic Shelf Labels

Touch Points also cover the subject of Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs).

This article suggests ESL’s will be the norm and a ‘smarter’ way to communicate pricing and product information.  As the costs of labour rises, ESL’s make more financial sense especially when there are frequent price changes across a large number of products.


Go Scan Mobile app

Interesting too that Australia has the first consumer focussed product information tool in GoScan.

Mobile devices can help customers confirm ingredients, nutrition, dietary and other points of interest – this helpful service can also tie into home shopping, in store purchase influence and brand promotion and loyalty.