Redefining Mobile POS

Jun 12, 2014

Around the world, mPOS is being embraced to add mobility to payment.  Many different companies are participating with new types of dongles, devices and modules. It is important, however, to understand the revolution that is occurring.

Payment is only a piece of the solution.  The true value of mPOS is in performing a complete transaction – like a cash register system would do today. In this way mobile POS extends functionality and financial integrity to the point of purchase. Accounting for inventory, accurate pricing, handling redemption and returns together with other features then means you have improve the customer experience. Productivity is boosted when you replace full POS functionality. As well, retailers can save costs in floor space, number of traditional POS terminals, add business continuity and better understand the customer. With this approach, retailers benefit from the major shift that mPOS can deliver. POS is the lifeblood for retail operations but also systems also require the rigour and disciplines surrounding POS management.  Financial accuracy and integration into store accountability is a critical factor. Mobile POS needs to be easy to use, fast and customer friendly.  These features boost store acceptance and a focus on customer service. As you consider mobile payment, keep in mind how to achieve mobile POS. Mobile POS will give you the wherever, whenever and however capability needed for customer engagement and closing the sale.

The Future of Retailing

Effective learning experiences will drive considerations around new forms of promotions, reconfiguring the retail floor and creating new customer experiences that lead to sales. Mobile POS can create new ‘points of influence’ for customer decision making as well as equip staff to engage in more meaningful and informed purchase discussions with customers.

Start now with redefining your mPOS requirements with a view to replacing some of your traditional POS terminals.   Give us a call about what’s coming next!