Ready to Put Mobile Technology to Work?

Jul 30, 2013








The evidence for  the adoption of mobile technology has been mounting up over the last couple of years and it is too hard to ignore:

  • eMarketer reports that more than 55 percent of major enterprises today do not use mobile in any way, but that nearly half of these are committed to doing so in the next year.
  • A 2010 Forrester survey of IT decision‐makers highlights the enterprise priority of mobile technology, noting that mobile expansion remains a high‐to‐critical priority for over 60 percent of today’s leading organisations.
  • Computerworld’s 2011 Mobility survey reveals that more than 65 percent of IT decision‐makers report increases to their mobile solutions budgets.
  • A 2011 Customer Experience Impact Report by RightNow shows that 85 percent of consumers say they will pay more for a better customer experience.
  • A 2012 IDC study shows that more than 1.19 billion workers (almost 35 percent of the global workforce) will be using smart mobile technology during the next year.

There is a wealth of great material guiding you with new ways to put mobile to work.

Some great research, case studies and experiences show clearly that mobile adoption has matured and touched everyone.

Some lessons to share include:

  • Your staff are capable of and expecting to use mobiles to learn and perform better
  • Customers will get tired of ‘one-way’ push marketing that is out of date and hard to act upon
  • Mobile is timely – people want information NOW, where ever they are
  •  Mobile can capture new areas for process improvement on the spot
  •  Mobile use increases communication, collaboration and insight

One of the leaders in this analysis is the Aberdeen Group who have a practice in Customer Experience Management.  Their surveys and market analysis is consistent, detailed and insightful.

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