Re-defining Point of Sale: Launch of Real Time Retail!

Jun 26, 2014
Real time retail

Mobile POS and Payment is changing the game for retailers.  By using a mobile POS device you can know get to know a lot more about your customer.  Instead of POS systems simply processing the sale and capturing information about items, mobile POS focusses on the customer experience. Consumers today have taken over control of how they buy adding pressure on pricing. Retailers need to fight back and get better about how they sell.

Customers want more personalised offers and a better retail experience.  The store is still a vibrant and enticing place to shop.  But customers are looking for more relevant engagement. The data available about their experience in buying create a transformation insight to building lasting relationships.  Digital receipts, for example, can give you a live connection with your customer just after the sale is completed. Mobile POS also can inspire, empower and help train your staff.  After all, most young people love mobile technology and learn on the go. Imagine improving productivity, closing the sale on the spot and delighting customers at the same time.

Best of all it’s not all that hard to do.

Mobile POS and payment applications can be implemented quickly using an appropriate architecture and methodology to integrate to your existing POS systems and data. Therefore you have consistent product, pricing and promotion data and you can ensure transaction integrity and settlement. We call this Real Time Retail and it is poised to change the way retailing is performed. Retail economics will be POSitively changed!  Lower overall POS costs, reduced training, increased staff knowledge and encouragement and higher customer satisfaction.

Learn more about Real Time Retail and put mobile POS to work in your stores.