Developer Program


Black Label Solutions works with retail POS system Developers and provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) which details the integration approach for the NOMAD suite of products.  For more information about the NOMAD advanced retail software see here »

This allows any POS Developers particularly those with Windows Client Server based applications to offer their customers a modern integrated Cloud based solution for in store mobile POS with mobile payments, an online web store and consumer apps for iPhone and Android smart phones.  This will sync with the POS in store database when required to ensure the latest product information and pricing is used, customer loyalty programs are honoured and sales transaction data is fed back to the store database for reconciliation and balancing purposes.  Looking to add “Click and Collect” functionality?  The NOMAD integration will also provide that.

The NOMAD SDK includes detailed documentation of all API’s, web services and integration points as well as sample code and simulators to exercise the integration.  Black Label Solutions will also facilitate workshops and provide developer support where required as part of the integration effort once the POS Developer has signed up for the integration effort and timelines have been agreed.

More information about the Developer Program is available here »