Mobile POS challenging and replacing traditional registers

Aug 16, 2013

Mobile POSA recent report on Mobile Point of Sale from the Yankee Group Technology Roadmap team indicated “Retailers which have eschewed cumbersome cash wraps in favour of a mobilised checkout are already reaping increased savings, sales and customer satisfaction.” It is time to embrace mobile POS and gain an early advantage.

We agree with the findings of the report and note that retail employs a large number young people already very familiar with mobile phones who can easily learn new applications on these devices. This has strong potential to empower Gen Y staff to better serve customers with the simple tools that they can use.


  • Mobile POS should be the tool of choice for retail today. Retailers that embrace the use of mobile can boost employee engagement, productivity and staff retention. Building a strong culture around service and sales that is vital for retail survival.
  • Traditional Retail Point of Sale lane space usage and cost is excessive and many register points are only used for peak periods, sitting idle for the rest of the time. There is a better way to handle peaks and promotions. Mobile POS can free up that space for revenue producing merchandise.
  • Reward innovation. Employees can identify waste, bottlenecks and capture customer interests by being closer to the customer when the buying decision is being made. This valuable feedback must be captured and used to improve processes – mobile POS can help there too.

Retailing is all about the customer. Experiment, learn, innovate and move fast to get a Mobile POS solution that works for you and that you can continually improve.

A Link to Yankee Group research and article can be found here.