Self Service Solutions

Black Label Solutions provide proven Self Service solutions to retailers built on world leading hardware and software platforms which are aimed at improving margins, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Self Service Kiosks

Customers want what they want, when they want it. They’re not interested in waiting in queues and if it’s not in store, they’ll go to a competitor to get it. The demand for higher levels of service from customers combined with ongoing cost increases means the push for businesses to invest in improved point of service solutions is stronger than ever.


World Leading hardware and software

Our commitment to the market is backed by our long standing partnership with NCR who have been in business for over 125 years. Their Netkey operating division has 25 years of dedicated experience in the self service industry; delivering enterprise class software for the operation and remote management of customer facing devices.

Full Service Support

Black Label provides a full service to assist you in making your kiosk plans a reality. From designing the interface, to choosing a kiosk enclosure, to installation, back-end integration and maintenance; we do it all. If you want to handle any aspects such as the interface or enclosure design on your own, no problem ­ we will do as little or as much as you require of us.

Self Checkout System

Partnering with NCR, a global leader in the development of self-service hardware technology, Black Label offers a best in class Self Checkout Solution allowing customers to pack, bag and pay for items without an operator.


Intuitive and Efficient

Black Label’s Self Checkout solution couples easy-to-use POS software, with the world renowned NCR hardware to provide a satisfying experience for customers. By offering an interactive and efficient experience at the checkout, Black Label’s Self Checkout solutions offer an easy and attractive alternative to waiting in line.

Minimal Support Cost

Boasting minimal support with an easy-to-use interface, Black Label’s Self Checkout solutions give you the opportunity to reallocate staff to focus on other store processes and customer service. Furthermore, reducing the number of staff required at the front end of the store ultimately reduces the total required number of labour hours store wide.


From the 15″ high resolution LCD touchscreen to multiple bagging area options, the Black Label Self Checkout solution has various customisation options for multiple POS environments.

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