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Black Label Solution’s Digital Signage extends the retailers ability to operate more efficiently by delivering targeted information to where it is needed, when it is needed. Digital Media Signage improves customer response by creating a very personalized customer experience and increases the retailers agility by delivering important information to customers in real-time when they are making purchasing decisions.

Customer Engagement


Engage customers with compelling HD graphics and video on High Definition LCD screens. This creates a dynamic real time communication pipeline to wherever retailers interact with customers.

  • Sell advertising, deliver promotions or drive traffic to other areas of the store
  • Promote complimentary add on products or services
  • Provide an informative or entertaining distraction that reduces perceived wait time
  • Deliver real-time information such as weather, stock quotes, interest rates or flight status
  • Provide personalised messages through interactive touch screens

Right message at the right time


The industry applications for Black Label Digital Signage are far-reaching and designed to maximise omni-channel strategies virtually anywhere retailers interact with their customers. It¹s an entirely new way to help retailers achieve their business goals by enabling a flexible, dynamic communication pipeline directly to their customers.

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