Cloud BI Offering

Black Label Solutions has partnered exclusively with MicroStrategy to offer their world leading BI platform and tools as a Cloud service to retailers at an affordable price on a monthly subscription basis.  We have integrated into our customers Point of Sale systems to load their data into the Cloud and provided the data cubes and tools to give them sophisticated drill down reporting and dashboards in web browsers and on mobile devices.  This gets the data out to where it can be used by regional managers on the road and store managers and associates in the stores.


Skilled Professional Services Team

The Black Label professional services team are able to provide consulting and development services to integrate your data with the MicroStrategy BI platform for regular daily (or more frequent) data feeds.  We help design and build your data warehouse around our standard retail cubes and provide training and advice on using the MicroStrategy BI tools to create sophisticated drill down reporting and dashboards.

We can also create the initial reports and dashboards for you to distribute.  We then host the MicroStrategy platform and your data warehouse in the cloud allowing your end users to gain access to the information on any Internet connected device including iPhones and iPads.

You get all this for no upfront capital investment and on an affordable monthly subscription.   Now you can gain the business intelligence insights enjoyed by the major retailers at a fraction of the cost.

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