microstrategy_20110302Cloud Business Intelligence

Retailers use Business intelligence software to analyse large amounts of detailed data collected through Point of Sale transactions every day and provide answers to questions about changing customer demand and optimising purchasing decisions and product mixes.

Black Label Solutions has partnered exclusively with MicroStrategy to provide Australian retailers with an affordable Cloud based BI solution and associated development services. We have integrated the world leading MicroStrategy BI tools and mobile platforms with store level Point of Sale data and provide the data and BI tools from the Cloud to our customers.


These Cloud based BI tools from MicroStrategy allow retailers to:

  • Improve store operations by providing the data where it is needed to associates on the sales floor on mobile devices.
  • Analyse and compare the lifetime value of a customers to their business based on historical sales data.
  • Provide an omni channel view of customer data and transactions by combining traditional loyalty data and social insights.
  • Make better decisions about inventory and merchandise mix based on detailed sales, gross margin, stock turn and weeks of supply.
  • Analyse the effectiveness of promotions by comparison of sales, gross profit and inventory levels.
  • Improve negotiation position with the suppliers by analysing sales, margin and purchases by the suppliers.

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