A Revolution is required in mobile shopping

Oct 3, 2013


One of our goals is to demystify the technology and help retailers identify practical workable solutions for processing in-store transactions with customers.

The evolution of m-commerce stems from e-commerce and therefore adds complexity, time and effort to processing the sale.

In this article, Mary Monahan of Javelin Strategy describes her experience and the frustration.  The process to use smartphones to access web sites (mobile or not) is not the way mobile shopping should be carried out.

At Black Label Solutions, we take mobile shopping in store one step further with mobile Point of Sale with seamless integrated Mobile payments.

By the way, mobile payment is often confused and the payment only portion referred to m-POS.  We have a problem with this as the payment only piece is nothing like Point of Sale.

Truly performing a sale requires selling to the customer and registering products, getting consistent accurate pricing and transaction discount calculations prior to finally accepting and processing payment.  The difference is today this can be performed entirely on a mobile device.

Keep in touch with Black Label to truly learn how to Revolutionise the customer experience with in store mobility and payments.